Fighting decline of pollinators in Europe: STEP project final outputs

At the end of the project's 5 year research programme STEP published the "Climatic Risk and Distribution Atlas of European Bumblebees" and a Final STEP Brochure, featuring the project's case studies and key findings.

The atlas, published as a special issue of the open access journal BioRisk, breaks new ground in assessing the risks of climate change for European bumblebees. Climate change has been identified as one of the main threats to this group and the atlas provides the most comprehensive evaluation of the likely consequences this will have.

A number of additional case studies and key project research findings are included in the final STEP brochure, designed to provide stakeholders a collection of synthesised project results.

STEP Final Brochure

Download on STEP webpage 

Climatic Risk and Distribution Atlas of European Bumblebees

doi: 10.3897/biorisk.10.4749




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